Mix #87

Nuage is a world class producer and regular contributor in the esteemed Project Mooncircle roster. With a sound that’s a tasteful smorgasbord of styles and influences, this Russian producer pushes and defies typical electronic music boundaries with all of his releases.

This is an exclusive live set prepared for FWD.DJ. We are very lucky to get a lush journey into new and unreleased sonic territory, straight from the mind of one of today’s best.


Track List:

Live Set - All music by Nuage

1. Secret Jungle / intro
2. In between (edit)
3. (raw sketch)
4. Unreleased
5. Unreleased (remix)
6. The Odds
7. Unreleased
8. Every PPL (edit)
9. Unreleased
10. Thunderine + Arrival (edit)
11. Quentin Hiatus - Obsessive Nature (Nuage Remix) (edit)
12. Traffic (unreleased)
13. Thirst (edit)
14. Aeroplanes (edit)
15. Unreleased


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